Wedding Budget Basics

Wedding Budget Basics – this is a tough love episode all about the money.  I know, not my favorite topic either.  Listen now!

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My TWO essential wedding budget basics (yes, just 2, so simple!!!):

No. 1 – Realistically agree on a set wedding budget

What can you afford?  What will family contribute?  How can you create a savings plan in the coming months / years to save some money to pay for the wedding?  What do you WANT to spend on your wedding?

No. 2 – Prioritize.

What is MOST important to the two of you?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all wedding budget.  Talk about what is important to the two of you, and commit to it.  If it’s not important to you?  Then don’t spend any money on it!

Parting thoughts.  Where I get kinda fired up, and the tough love comes pouring out … 

Your budget can get really complicated.  That happens when you don’t set a budget, and you lose sight of your priorities.

When you start doing things you “think you should do” – your budget can go off the rails.  And your sanity goes with it.

Family pressure is intense.  But you know what’s also intense?  A huge, crappy credit card bill that’s waiting for you when you get home from your honeymoon.

Having buyer’s remorse over one day that came and went SO FAST – that sucks, and you’re going to be reminded of that every single time you look at your credit card statement.

Your guests will enjoy your expensive cake and your beautiful dress, and they will have an awesome time – but then they go home, and everyone’s life goes on.  And I don’t want you guys stuck in a bad financial situation because you overspent on your wedding.









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