Bridesmaid Dresses | Boutique vs Online

Buying bridesmaid dresses from a boutique vs. online retailer is our topic of the week.  Check out the full episode here:

Bridesmaid Dresses | Boutique vs Online Shopping  episode dated 6/21/17

Leaf through any wedding magazine and you will see dozens of ads for various designer bridesmaid dresses.  At the bottom of the ads, it says “available at select retailers nationwide”.  Today, a listener wonders – can you skip the boutique + buy the SAME bridesmaid dress online … and save some money?

Today we’re going to talk all about the differences between shopping for bridesmaid dresses at a boutique vs. buying the very same dress online.  Yes, there is a small savings to be had, BUT it comes with some risks and disclaimers from *yours truly*.  Be sure to have a listen before you start shopping!

Another bridesmaid dress option I love?  Skip the shopping, and rent designer bridesmaid dresses from Rent the Runway!  Guys rent their tuxes, why not bridesmaids?  Learn more here:

Questions about your bridesmaid dresses, a story to share, or anything else on your mind?  Please leave a comment below, or find me on Facebook!

Cheers, Kara



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