Hiring Your Wedding Vendors

Welcome to episode 1 of a special series of the Wedding Planning Podcast, all about hiring your wedding vendors!  Listen now:

Hiring Your Wedding Vendors episode dated 5/3/17

I know that many of you are taking help from the pro’s on at least a few aspects of your wedding planning, so I wanted to have a thorough discussion on how to maximize the relationships with your wedding vendors.  We’ll cover the smart questions to ask, the specific things that need to be included in each contract, and ways to get the best deal – without haggling.

Not everyone is comfortable picking up the phone a million times, pushing back, asking hard questions – and that’s what comes into play in this phase of wedding planning.  You need to be prepared to have some candid conversations, do a ton of follow up, and keep everything (and everyone) organized.

With that said, today’s episode is an intro to hiring your various wedding vendors.  Coming up in the next four weeks, we will focus on hiring your wedding photographer, wedding planner, wedding florist, and wedding caterer.

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