Involving Your Fiance in the Wedding Plans

Involving Your Fiance in the Wedding Plans | episode dated 3.7.18


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1 thought on “Involving Your Fiance in the Wedding Plans”

  1. Congrats Ten!!! Such an exciting time. So much better to have a shirt engagement! Both my husband and I being in medical school, we decided let’s do short engagement too! We got engaged because we knew we wanted to be married, so 5 month engagement! No wedding planner (couldn’t afford it), so me and my sisters came together! Venue was chosen by what was available in our low budget so quickly, and where we could having the wedding and reception at the same venue, my husbands family is from out of town and I didn’t want guests driving in case of snow (Canadian problems). It was local wedding to myself (I’m Canadian, husband is American). Didn’t do destination as I have many nieces and nephews and truly wanted them all there to celebrate with me (no way my siblings could afford all their families to fly abroad). Have so much fun planning!!! I loved every part of it!

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