Walking Down the Aisle

Daniel is a gay man and he + his partner are wondering, who should walk down the aisle?  Listen now!

Walking Down the Aisle episode dated 4/26/17

Angela has a really complicated family situation, and she is wondering who should walk her down the aisle?

Today I’m answering two listener questions about THE moment of the wedding, the walk down the aisle – and who will walk beside you.  Families and relationships come in all shapes, colors, and varieties, and it’s definitely not always the case that the bride walks down with her dad.

In today’s show, I also shared one of my favorite wedding blogs for gay and lesbian couples who are tying the knot.

For lots more LGBT-specific wedding resources, visit www.offbeatbride.com/tag/lgbt

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In “Who Does What in the Wedding?” I give an extended pep talk on making your wedding day participants a reflection of you and your partner – and this means that things don’t always wind up looking like a prototypical wedding from a movie.  Listen now!

Who Does What in the Wedding? episode dated 9.23.16

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