Are Wedding eVites Tacky?

Today we’re chatting about one of your most emailed topics – are wedding “evites” tacky?  Listen to the full episode:

Wedding Invitations | Are eVites Tacky?  episode dated 6/28/17

Tacky is a very relative term.  You + your fiance should have a discussion about the demographics of your guest list to determine if “eVites” are appropriate or not.

If your guest list is generally online savvy, then by all means – save a stamp, a tree, and some cash by not mailing traditional printed wedding invites.

Understand that some guests may see this as tacky, while some will congratulate you on this bold move.  You can’t please everyone, and with all things related to planning your wedding, I always encourage you to do what YOU feel most comfortable with.

On the other hand, handwritten, mailed thank you cards are a MUST.  Refer to episode dated 4/19/17 😉

If there are people who you know do not use / like / understand email and online technology, then those folks should certainly receive some kind of printed invitation (or verbal invitation if you are truly against sending a printed version).

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