Wedding Insurance, Permits + Licensing

Do you need wedding insurance?  Permits for your DJ, parking, a large gathering, or alcohol service?  Listen to today’s show to learn more!

Wedding Insurance, Permits + Licensing  episode dated 7/19/17

Insurance, permits and licenses are … intimidating.  How on earth would you go about selecting a blanket insurance policy that covers illness, inclement weather, or other unforeseen loss on your wedding day?  Do you even need a wedding insurance policy or permits or license?

Wedding insurance can be pesky to think about, but you can’t afford to write it off.

Today’s show explores a critical aspect of wedding planning that is not so fun or glamorous, but is SO IMPORTANT!  Listen to the full episode for tips on where to start in finding out what types of wedding insurance and / or permits you may need to secure before your wedding day, and my tips on where to find more information!

Talk soon!

Cheers, Kara


Disclaimer – I am NOT an insurance or legal professional, and this episode does NOT constitute legal advice!

If you have specific questions about wedding insurance, permits, or licensing needs, you should consult with a registered insurance agent or legal professional for more advice.  I’d recommend a phone call to your auto / home insurance provider, and they can point you in the right direction.


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