Sharing Wedding Plans with Others

How much of your wedding plans will you / should you share with others before the big day?  Listen to the full episode here:
Your Wedding Plans | How Much to Share?  episode dated 7/5/17

Some of us are open to crowd-sourcing suggestions for everything from decor to dresses to catering.  Others are utterly annoyed when people weigh in with their unsolicited two cents.  Finding a balance in how much of your wedding plans to share with others can be really tricky!

Today we hear from THREE listeners who are all encountering the challenge of how much to share with their loved ones as they plan their weddings.

If YOU are bubbling over with excitement, and are dying to talk to someone about your plans, you always know where to find me – I’ll listen to you talk about your wedding all day 😉  Be in touch by leaving a comment below, or tagging @weddingplanninpodcast on Facebook + Instagram!


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