Do We NEED a Wedding Videographer?

To hire or not to hire … a wedding videographer.  I have strong opinions on the topic, and also a really affordable, creative videography resource to share with you.  Listen now!

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A ton of you have written in to the show in the past year and asked, “do we NEED to hire a videographer?”

Setting aside the budget for a videographer can be tricky, to say the least.  Wedding videography is one of the more expensive budget items you’ll face, and it’s tempting to skip it altogether in favor of an amazing wedding photographer.

Let’s just say … I definitely don’t recommend skipping live video of your wedding day, and neither does our guest interview.  MUCH more on that in today’s episode!

Today’s show sponsor is BlushDrop.  It’s an amazing service for engaged couples that takes the expense out of wedding videography!

BlushDrop sets you up with a dedicated site for your wedding guests to upload cell phone videos they shoot of the big day.  Then the pro’s at BlushDrop edit the footage into a beautiful and professionally edited wedding day video – for a fraction of the price of traditional videography.

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wedding videography alternative
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