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Today I’m on the line with Rick from BlushDrop, and he has some great news for those of us who are losing sleep over the cost of wedding videography.

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Wedding Videography with Rick from

Rick has been practicing and perfecting wedding videography for 16 years.  He found that his Toronto-based company couldn’t keep up with demand from local brides and grooms.

Coupled with that is the fact that 70% of couples don’t book a videographer because it is simply too expensive.  Rick got creative, and started building an affordable alternative for engaged couples.

70% of couples don’t book a videographer because they’re sold out, or it’s just too expensive. – Rick, founder of

Enter BlushDrop.

wedding videographer
The team at BlushDrop, headquartered in Toronto.  Learn more at!

BlushDrop collects unlimited raw cell phone video footage shot by your wedding guests on their smartphones, and saves it in a secure, online cloud-based storage system.

Using highly skilled editing techniques, this team of professional editors creates a finished wedding day video using the video clips that you select!


  • Sign up at and use promo code weddingplanningpodcast to create your account for just $29
  • You can also opt to purchase a 10-minute fully edited “block” of footage for $349 (and the $29 set up fee is waived)
  • Still concerned about the cost?  Add BlushDrop to your online wedding registry, and have your guests go in on it as a wedding gift to you!
  • BlushDrop is also perfect for pre-wedding events like the engagement party, wedding dress shopping, your bridal shower, even the honeymoon.
wedding videography
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My husband and I were on the fence BIG TIME over whether or not to hire a videographer.  Hang out until the end of the show where I share what we decided, and why I wish so badly that BlushDrop had been around when we got married!

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Until next time, happy wedding planning!



wedding videographer
learn more about BlushDrop and save $10 when you sign up with promo code WEDDINGPLANNINGPODCAST!

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