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Today is Part II of a special wedding flower + decor road trip!  Come shopping with me for wholesale wedding decor, supplies + more!

Stay tuned … audio show to be released 4.25.18!

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Come shopping with me at a local floral & wedding supplies wholesaler!  This place is bursting with great deals for your wedding decorations, like charger plates, decorative containers & boxes, unique vases, filler, novelty statues, birdcages & more.  It’s hands-down my favorite local place to shop for unique and affordable wedding decor (and flowers – much more about that in the previous post dated 4.18.18!)

During our walk through the warehouse, I talk you through the idea of purchasing some of these items vs. renting them.  Believe it or not, rental company fees can sometimes be more expensive than actually buying and owning the item!  BONUS – if you buy it, it’s yours to re-sell to another bride after the wedding, making some of that cash back.  WIN, WIN!

I also discuss a solid strategy for approaching wedding decor and budgeting.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your wedding reception space & don’t even know where to start, this advice will be instrumental in getting you focused and ready to dive into your wedding theme and your decor budget.

As promised, my favorite wedding resale sites:

Video of my shopping trip!

More about my WEDDING FLOWER SECRETS from the episode dated 4.18.18 can be found here!

DIY Wedding Flower Secrets

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