Hiring Your Wedding Planner

Your Wedding Planner may be the most important vendor you hire – get the details in this episode.  Listen now!

Your Wedding Planner episode dated 5/17/17

Confused about what role a wedding planner plays in the months, weeks, or days leading up to the wedding?  We’re going to review what type of wedding planner is right for you, and talk about some detailed things to consider as you research and hire potential wedding planners.  This is episode #3 in the special “Hiring Your Vendors” series that started 5/3/17.

You may be asking yourself, “Do we even need a wedding planner?”  This depends largely on your wedding budget, how involved you want to be in your wedding plans, the type of venue you choose, and a variety of other factors.

Some couples can easily pull off a wedding without ever hiring professional planning help.  In other cases, it would be virtually impossible to make everything successfully come together without professional help from a wedding planner.

Tune in for a helpful discussion about things to consider as you research & interview potential wedding planners. We also review the things you simply must consider + research before signing a contact with a wedding planner / coordinator / event designer (yes, they can be called ALL of those things – confusing, I know!)

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