2020 Wedding Trends

Run an online search for 2020 wedding trends, and you’ll get a whole host of returns that sound pretty ridiculous to the average couple. 

Imagine tarot card readers at the restrooms. $20,000 liquor & cigar bar. Over-the-top neon lighting installations. 30 foot-long veils that take 6 people to manage.  Cool, if you have a billion dollar budget – but for most of us?  Not so much.

I’ve combed over the top published wedding trends for 2020, and chosen 6 to share with you today on the Wedding Planning Podcast … including a couple of my own!

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2020 Wedding Trends, episode dated 1.15.20

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2020 Wedding Trend #1 | Bold & Bright COLORS

I ran a poll last week of what wedding colors you’re planning to use, and the hands-down winners were burgundy, navy blue, and blush.  Runners up included cornflower or dusty blue, dusty rose, and gold.

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Trend forecasters call for more bold & bright hues in this coming years’ wedding color palettes – which totally fits in with your Burgundy and Navy picks!

The past couple of years have been really heavy on neutral, pastel palettes of pale pinks, greens, ivory, white – don’t be afraid to throw in some bold pops of color if that suits your taste & personality.

2020 Wedding Trend #2 | DIY Photo Booth or Selfie Station

Traditional photo booths are a lot of fun, hence why they continue to show up at weddings year after year.  If you don’t have the budget to shell out for this added cost, OR if you’re feeling crafty and up for a minor project, setting up your own DIY selfie station / photo booth is a ton of fun for your guests.

A photo booth or selfie station area can also double as your wedding guest book with a couple of modifications and signage to explain to guests what your vision is.  I talked with a bride this past week who’s setting up a photo station to double as the guest book – just make sure you have your DJ or announcer explain multiple times to your guests where to go to have their photo taken so that everyone is aware of what’s going on, and to make you make sure to get a photo of everyone at the wedding!

We go into this idea of a photo guest book in more detail during the second half of this full-length episode … you can listen to the whole show here.

2020 Wedding Trend #3 | Sustainability & Earth-Friendly Weddings

We’ve been keyed in on the green wedding trend for years now!  For a full-length episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast on hosting an earth-friendly wedding, click here.

You can also check out this great post from our friends at Zola that includes 24 brilliant ideas for hosting an eco-friendly wedding.

24 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas for a Sustainable Ceremony and Reception, from our friends at Zola

2020 Wedding Trend #4 | Statement Wedding Decor

I have lots of fun, cheap & easy ideas to share for budget friendly statement reception decor!

Consider hanging huge paper lanterns in bright colors with a curtain to create a backdrop for your ceremony or dance floor.  PaperMart is a wonderful site for wholesale lanterns (not to mention a million other really affordable DIY wedding project supplies!)

Other easy and affordable ideas for large-scale, “statement” wedding decor that can easily be executed on a tight budget:

Bottom line – if you’re working within a tight decor budget (and I think that’s lots of us), don’t spread your budget thin across 10 different areas and projects.  Lump it all towards one or two bigger statement items for maximum impact.

2020 Wedding Trend #5 | Small & Intimate Weddings

Fewer people means you have more budget per guest to work with, which is ideal for working within a reasonable budget AND splurging on say, top shelf cocktails and a super gourmet meal.  Best of both worlds! 

There are tons of perks to hosting fewer people.  You’ll be in a much more intimate setting, be able to spend more time with those closest to you, and generally speaking, be in a less overwhelming & more relaxing environment.

2020 Wedding Trend #6 | LESS IS MORE!

For my friends who have been listening since last year when I ran the 2019 Wedding Trends episode, and maybe you were even around for 2018 … this one comes as no surprise, and – spoiler alert – I will ALWAYS include spending LESS MONEY on my wedding trend report!

I talked with a bride recently who had a wedding planner tell her that with a $12,000 budget, they might as well just give up and elope.  That infuriates me, and to any wedding vendor who has ever made a couple feel bad for working with a reasonable budget –

A big, fat, public shame on you.

I’ve had A LOT of conversations over the years with A LOT of couples, and trust me – working within your budget is one of the biggest stress points you’ll encounter during your engagement.  Whether your budget is $10,000 or $100,000 I can guarantee that it’s always going to feel tight, and you’ll always wish you had a little bit more to work with. 

Instead of focusing on what you can’t have because its too expensive, or what you wish you could do differently if you only had $5,000 more dollars – focus on the elements of your day that ARE unique, and that you’re really excited about. 

We’ll do LOTS more shows in the coming months on budgeting and working within your budget, and review loads of down-to-earth, affordable options – stay tuned, so much more to come on that!

xo Kara

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