Your Bachelorette Party | Unique Ways to Celebrate, FAQ’s & more!

Your bachelorette party is a really fun wedding milestone, and there are endless ways to celebrate that don’t involve questionable behavior & week-long hangovers.  (Although if that’s what you’re going for, I DON’T JUDGE!)

Tune in to today’s show for some unique ideas for ways to celebrate your bachelorette party.  I’ll also be sharing sample COVID-friendly gatherings, a quick history lesson on how the tradition started, your listener questions & more.  Click below to listen now!

YOUR BACHELORETTE PARTY | Unique Ways to Celebrate, FAQ’s & More | episode dated 6.17.2020

bachelorette party
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Put on your party hats – today we’re talking all about your Bachelorette Party!

Maybe you have a low-key personality, and would prefer a quiet night with your besties.  Or you and your fiance have been dreaming of a huge joint bachelorette / bachelor party with your friends from both sides.  Either of those sound amazing – anything goes here!

My bachelorette party was in Vegas, for 3 blissful, sunny, carefree days with my sister (Maid of Honor), and two best friends (also my 2 bridesmaids).  We will NEVER forget what a blast we had, and still tell stories, jokes, uncontrollably laugh over that trip – nearly 10 years later.

I hope you loved today’s show, and I would LOVE to hear from you about your bachelorette party plans.

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Cheers, Kara

bachelorette party


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