Bilingual Wedding Tips

Today we’re exploring bilingual wedding tips that are sure to create a welcoming wedding day experience for everyone.  Listen now:

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Many of us come from very diverse, bilingual families and cultures.  When you mix together hundreds of folks from both sides, there’s a really good chance that not everyone will speak the same language or share the same wedding day traditions.

What are some simple ways to create a welcoming, bilingual experience on your wedding day?

My top recommendation for where to start with making people feel welcome is to make signage and programs in both languages wherever possible.  This can be easy + inexpensive with downloadable templates from a website like – try searching “bilingual wedding” for some creative bilingual wedding signs and stationary ideas.

For a more generic search, try “ceremony program template” or “wedding sign template”.  Many designs are completely customizable, and you can enter the text specific to the languages you’re hosting.  I’m confident you’ll get back thousands of options to choose from!

You can also get really creative with embracing multiple cultures across your friends and families by mixing old traditions and creating new ones.  Vibrant decor, international flags, unique cuisine, cultural music, traditional clothing + accessories are all wonderful opportunities to celebrate your differences.

Do you have a special way that you’re embracing bilingual wedding day guests and multiple cultures  on your wedding day?  I’d love to hear your stories, and I know our listeners would too!  Shoot me a note to

Cheers, Kara


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