Aligning Your Wedding Priorities

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re going to ALIGN your wedding priorities with your budget.

This episode is dedicated to giving you the CLARITY to put your money where it matters most. 

We’re also going to discuss “wedding budget shaming”.  This is the notion that what I choose to invest in my wedding experience is none of your business.  It’s not for the world of budget wedding planning blogs, social media personalities + thrifty websites to decide.  

It’s the 5th year I’ve run this very show topic and we keep coming back to it!  I field so much wonderful feedback from couples like you about how helpful it is to approach your wedding budget in terms of your top priorities. 

On the flip side, it’s also really helpful to think about what you value least.  This allows you to scale way back on those items, or maybe even leave them out entirely.  So much more to come on that later in the show!

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re talking all about money + priorities. 

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To get started, I open the show with a candid conversation about weddings, money, and mindset.  I shared a post from Ramit Sethi a couple of weeks back on IG, and it started a really passionate conversation about the ways we discuss spending money on weddings. 

Ramit is a New York Times bestselling author & founder of  In his original Instagram post he shared this quote:

“If you write money and wedding in the same paragraph, somewhere a wedding bat signal gets activated.  Within minutes 11,000 people arrive & tell you they only spent $6 on their wedding at a barn and loved it and weddings are a waste of money and they’d rather spend $ to buy a home.  @ramit on Twitter

No matter what, the internet wants to tell you that spending money on your wedding is a waste of money.  To them it doesn’t matter how much money you have saved.  Nope, it doesn’t matter what culture you’re a part of.  Nope, it doesn’t matter what your goals are.  To them it’s simple – spending money on a wedding is BAD.  Even worse, in our puritanical society, it’s a – gasp – WASTE OF MONEY.

I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THIS BS.  If you want to throw a very small wedding, awesome!  On the other hand, if you want to invite hundreds of people and spend a lot on it – great!  As long as you can afford it, do it.  (No you shouldn’t go into debt.  And no, you shouldn’t ignore future costs, such as building your joint savings.  But this nuance seems to be missed by people shouting about the waste of weddings.) @ramit on Instagram

… more on Wedding Budget Shaming

I was really intrigued by Ramit’s tweet, and felt compelled to share. 

I immediately got a ton of responses from couples who have felt the burn of being wedding budget shamed, either directly or indirectly, from family, friends, and various blogs and websites that want to encourage couples to be thrifty (which is also totally fine, much more to come …)

Needless to say, I spend a ton of time in “wedding world” throughout the course of researching new shows.  The message of SAVING MONEY & SPENDING AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE is everywhere – including, quite a bit, on this very podcast. 

I followed a bit of a rabbit hole, and found a great article on Ramit’s blog titled “How to Save For Your Wedding”.  He summarizes a point that I keep close to heart as I record these shows to share with you, and I’ll quote Ramit here again from the article:

“Despite what society tells you, there’s no right or wrong price for your wedding. You might have a wedding in the high six figures, or you might just have a wedding that ends up costing a couple thousand. Both are perfectly fine. What matters most is that you’re realistic about what you’re going to spend so you know what to save.”

Ready to identify your TOP WEDDING PRIORITIES? 

Ready to create an intentional wedding budget that highlights what YOU value most? 

Tune in for so much more!  I hope you love it 😉