The Corona Virus & Your Wedding

Freaking out about the corona virus & your wedding?  You’re not alone.  This is an extremely stressful time for engaged couples like you who have questions on cancelling or possibly rescheduling your wedding due to recent developments in the containment of COVID-19.

A week ago we were going about our happy, everyday business, and fast forward to today – we’re home from work, schools are closed, the calendar is literally empty, and you might very well be having a full blown panic attack over your wedding plans.

UPDATE: Your Wedding & the Corona Virus COVID-19

Is your wedding in April or May 2020?

IF your wedding is scheduled for April or May, then you’ve got some overwhelming decisions to make.

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Is your wedding in June 2020 or later?

Is your wedding scheduled for later this summer?  I wish so very badly that I had a crystal ball and could guarantee that things will be back to normal, but alas, I don’t.  Developments with the corona virus and the spread of COVID-19 are unfolding daily, even hourly right now.  There’s sadly no way to tell exactly what things will look like months from now.

We should have a much clearer picture about containment of the corona virus in the next month.

IF YOUR WEDDING IS IN JUNE 2020 OR LATER, I would sit tight before making any huge, wedding-altering decisions until the end of April.

Public Service Announcement – it’s really important to get your news from fact-based sites, and pay attention to news releases from your state and local officials. That sensational article you see on Facebook might be designed to spark fear and chaos, not necessarily inform you with the facts.

In these insanely stressful & uncertain times, I want to be as available as possible to help you sort out your wedding plans.

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Stay safe, stay healthy, and we’ll talk soon!

xo, Kara

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