Last Minute Wedding Details to be aware of in the final weeks …

The 1-2 weeks before your wedding are a *little bit* crazy

<ahem, understatement>

Even if your wedding is still months away, this show is perfect for you to proactively make notes about some of the things you can anticipate in those final weeks before the big day.

The reality is that as the wedding gets closer, a myriad of things will come up that are completely out of your control.  (I share a very scary personal story in this episode about the week leading up to my wedding that will leave you stunned & saying … YIKES.)

The good news is that with some proactive thought and planning, you can minimize the stress and panic in that final week or two before the wedding.

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Last Minute Wedding Details | episode dated 9.30.20

Today we’re going to review some of the most common last minute wedding tasks, and make a game plan for tackling them as early as possible.  Now, of course you can’t get your nails done or color your hair the month before, and some things will have to wait until 5-7 days before the wedding – that’s unavoidable.

But by keeping your wedding week slate as clean as possible, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor – and I’m going to show you how!

LAST MINUTE WEDDING DETAILS | To Do’s 1-2 weeks before the wedding

An outline of the last minute wedding tasks we reviewed, for quick & easy reference:

  • Chasing down RSVP’s & submitting your final guest count
  • Final fittings & picking up your dress,
  • Assigning a wedding day “point person”,
  • Securing your marriage license,
  • Creating a detailed wedding day timeline,
  • Packing wedding day essentials like makeup, rings, gifts & accessories,
  • Nails, hair, waxing, etc,
  • Prepping tip envelopes,
  • Wrapping up allllllll of your wedding projects such as decorations, favors, signs, etc.
  • Creating your reception seating chart.

Links to Pinterest Boards referenced in today’s show:

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wedding place card table

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