DIY Wedding Flowers Master Class

DIY wedding flowers are one of the easiest ways to save a lot of money when planning your wedding.  Join today’s “Master Class” for guaranteed DIY wedding flower success!

DIY Wedding Flowers | Episode dated 4.18.18

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In today’s episode we explore some tips, tricks and hacks to doing your own wedding flowers.  It’s no secret that wedding flowers are pretty expensive, so this is a great way to trim lots of dollars from your wedding budget!

DIY Wedding Flowers Tip #1

The first advice I have to share?  Keep it simple.  This means just one or two colors, and one or two types of flowers.

Those big bouquets with a thousand stems that have 20 different colors & types of flowers?  Those are better left to a professional florist.

DIY Wedding Flowers Tip #2

Next, let’s be real – size matters.  How big is your wedding?  DIY style centerpieces are manageable for a “few” tables, and a “few” bouquets & boutonnieres.  But when we get into territory that spans 25 tables, and a wedding party of 20 people?  It’s time to seriously consider some professional help – for at least a portion of the flowers.

DIY Wedding Flowers Tip #3

Another consideration?  Flower alternatives, like paper flowers that can be made far in advance.  Added bonus to paper is that they can be stored with zero concern of wilting.  Be sure to check out our Paper Flowers board on Pinterest for lots of inspiration in this area!

Check out our Paper Flowers board on Pinterest!

diy wedding flowers
Click image or link above to follow the Wedding Planning Podcast on Pinterest for endless creative wedding inspiration!

DIY Wedding Flowers Tip #4

Your final step is to search for a flower wholesaler in your area (I talk about this A LOT on the Podcast!).  Access to wholesale pricing on flowers is HUGE.  At my local warehouse, two dozen roses can be as low as $9.99, depending on the season.  Let the flowers relax and open up for a week or so, and a DIY wedding flower bouquet almost makes itself!

diy wedding flowers
Trim the stems & thorns, straighten everything out, and viola – this bouquet used about $10 worth of roses!

Like I mentioned, I did this very same thing for my actual wedding bouquet – a peek!

diy wedding flowers
My actual DIY wedding bouquet used $10 of beautiful, giant Ivory roses. We wrapped the stems in Champagne satin ribbon, and secured everything with decorative pearl pins and a vintage brooch from my grandmother. At least ONE full trial run is recommended, well in advance of wedding day!

Alright, so are you sold on doing DIY flowers for your big day?

If the answer is yes, then I encourage you to:

  • Visit the Pinterest boards we talked about today.
  • Shop around for a wholesale floral warehouse & pay them a visit in person.
  • Take a look at Costco and online floral companies for pricing.

I know the options out there are endless, but they don’t have to be overwhelming!  To begin, settle on a color, a couple of flower types, and go from there.  

Any questions for me about today’s “Master Class”?  Be in touch!


* A final note – for those of you who DO want to work with a professional florist for at least a portion of your flowers, I have a wonderful resource for you too!  Sign up here for can’t-miss tips on Hiring Your Wedding Florist:

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