Your Engagement Party

Your engagement party is a really fun wedding planning milestone.  Getting engaged is a HUGE deal … I mean, I literally can’t think of a better reason to THROW A PARTY!

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re exploring some memorable & fun ways to celebrate your engagement party.

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Your ENGAGEMENT Party | Venue & Theme Ideas, Fun Activities, Etiquette Tips + More

I have loads of creative venue & theme ideas to share, along with irresistible party games and activities.  We round out the episode with your engagement party etiquette questions.


Typically an engagement party happens at the beginning of your engagement.  Google it & you’ll see guidelines for hosting this traditional party within 1-3 months of getting engaged.

Well, that’s in normal times, which we don’t live in anymore!

Many couples who got engaged during the past year may not have been able to host a traditional engagement party due to COVID restrictions.

Virtual celebrations have been really popular.  Maybe you gathered your closest loved ones on a big zoom call to celebrate safely and remotely.

Whether you’ve been engaged for a year or for a week, today’s show all about planning a unique and memorable engagement party is perfect for you – especially if this is a milestone that you missed in the past months.

Bottom line?  It’s never too late to celebrate your engagement!


Typically this is a fairly intimate celebration featuring your “closest family & friends”.  That’s a very relative term and means different things to different couples.  Use your inner compass to guide the guest list to a number that makes YOU feel most comfortable.


In short?  Maybe.

If you’re hosting a really small & intimate wedding, then it’s reasonable to expect that some engagement party invitees may NOT be ultimately invited to the wedding.  This is commonly the case with small wedding celebrations due to COVID guidelines, budget restrictions, or simply the choice of the couple.


Host around another event or holiday, like Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day

Wrap your engagement party in with another holiday or event.  This way, your job of choosing a theme and activities is really easy!

For example, at a Super Bowl Engagement Party, you could have “just for fun” betting sheets passed around to your guests with Vegas-style prop bets.  The food would be a big, casual spread of game-day fare, and of course you’d have the game playing in the background.  Your decor, theme, food, and activities are all pretty much automatically taken care of!

Host at your favorite winery or brewery.

A patio lunch at your favorite winery or brewery makes for a lovely engagement celebration.  Arrange a private tasting and tour for your group to add a fun activity to the day!  Bonus, outdoor winery & brewery spaces are infamous for lots of beautiful landscaping & fun decor, so you can keep extra decorations to a minimum.

Your own backyard.

Staying home is something we’ve done A LOT of this past year!  So why not keep it cozy & simple for your engagement party?

Keep your at-home celebration backyard-casual style, or fancy things up with a wine & cheese tasting.  This episode has some great tips for making a really easy appetizer spread that your guests will love!

Hosting at home is naturally really affordable, and makes providing your own food easy (which of course is also a big cost savings).  Go with casual catering from your favorite local restaurant, or even ask friends to bring a side & their fave drinks to share.

I LOVE hosting at home because you can easily make it as casual or fancy as you want!

Brunch & mimosa bar

Brunch and a colorful mimosa bar are always a hit!  Whether you set it up at home or leave it to your favorite bar or restaurant, this party theme is a definite keeper.

Bring in an expert – mixologist, chocolatier, chef to do a cooking demo

A private mixology session or interactive cooking experience wrap entertainment right into the event itself.  Bonus, you’ll get to enjoy your custom cocktails or food after you’re done!

More Creative Engagement Party Theme & Venue Ideas …

  • Make it a pool party & rent a cabana at your fave boutique hotel in town (OR borrow a friend’s pool!)
  • Cozy up with a bonfire at a sunset beach party.
  • Rent a boat, charter a pontoon, sailboat or catamaran for a sunset cruise.
  • Dessert & coffee bar
  • Anywhere you love to hang out!  Camping, hiking, ice skating rink, roller rink … your favorite places & activities make for a natural celebration spot.


Good food, tasty drinks and good company are typically all it takes to make a party a success.  Many couples feel pressure to plan games, activities and extra entertainment to make their party “fun”.  That’s not always necessary!

All that said, it never hurts to have a couple of activities on hand.  Here are some fun & easy suggestions:

I hope you loved today’s show!  Please forward it + share with anyone who’s helping you put together your dream engagement party & wedding celebration 😉


xo Kara

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