Your Ultimate Engagement Checklist

12 Engagement Checklist Items to Launch Your Wedding Planning Journey

The days & weeks after saying “YES!” are a whirlwind of fun & excitement.  From sharing the news with your loved ones, flashing that ring every chance you get, and dreaming of cakes and dresses, you’re definitely at the start of an unforgettable time in your lives.

In this brand new episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast, you’ll learn 12 key “to-do’s” to launch your wedding planning journey into action.

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Your ULTIMATE Engagement Checklist | episode dated 1.13.21

Read on for a detailed ENGAGEMENT CHECKLIST to guide you along the way!

Engagement Checklist Step #1

Announce It!

Share the amazing news with your loved ones ASAP!  Start with your closest family & friends first, and then post that ring selfie to all of your social networks.

Ladies, you’ll probably want a manicure for this one!  Salons may be closed right now, so check out giving yourself an at-home manicure with nail stickers that I’m pretty obsessed with >>> visit for some amazing DIY nails, for just $10 – $12.  

#2 | Do You Need Engagement Ring Insurance?

That beautiful ring on your finger is probably your most prized possession these days, and insuring it may be a smart option for you.  Maybe you’ve heard that you can add jewelry on to your home or renters insurance, and there are also companies that specialize in jewelry coverage. 

Much more detailed information on engagement ring insurance can be found in this article.  Use it as a guide to help decide what’s the best option for you.

#3 | Get Your Engagement Ring Sized

It’s CRITICAL to have your ring fit properly!   If you have any doubts about the way your ring fits, start with where you bought the ring.  Many jewelers can do sizing in-house, or at the very least give you a referral to a reputable jewelry sizing professional.  

#4 | Plan Your Engagement Party!

If you’re listening live in January 2021, this is a tricky one.  I’m working on a more in-depth episode about hosting your engagement party that will go live next week.  Stay tuned for so much more to come on this!

#5 | Book an Engagement Photo Shoot

Booking an engagement photo shoot with a professional photographer will yield high quality images that you will cherish for years & years to come.  Not to mention, having professional photos of the two of you will come in handy as you create a wedding website (more on this in a second). 

Other fun uses for your engagement photos?

  • Designing save the dates,
  • Sharing announcements on social media,
  • Your future holiday cards,
  • Your engagement photos can even be displayed throughout your wedding celebration as a personalized decor item!

I’ll be sharing so much more on your engagement photo shoot in a future episode.  Stay tuned for lots more details on booking and planning for your engagement photo shoot in the weeks ahead!

A note, Engagement Checklist items #6-#10 are covered in-depth in our totally free Engagement Starter Kit.  To sign up for 3 bonus episodes, videos & checklists that cover everything from setting your budget to selecting the perfect venue & beyond, simply click here!

#6 | Talk About Your Wedding Budget

We had an in-depth conversation about STRESS FREE ways to navigate  your wedding budget last week.  Be sure to go back and have a listen if you missed it!  Setting and sticking to a wedding budget that makes sense for you is an essential to-do item before you launch into making ANY big wedding decisions.

#7 | Brainstorm Wedding Venue Ideas

Your venue is the centerpiece of your wedding celebration, so a lot of research, time, and investment will be spent here!

#8 | Discuss Potential Wedding Dates

Hand-in-hand with researching your venue, you’ll also want to look at a calendar and choose some wedding dates that work for you and your top venue selections.

#9 | Make a Rough Draft of Your Guest List

Your budget and your venue must also accommodate your guest list.  Therefore, it’s really important to thoughtfully create at least a rough draft of your guest list early on to be sure that it’s compatible with your overall vision.

#10 | Gather Design Inspiration & Get Organized

My favorite tool for gathering wedding inspiration and keeping it all organized?  Pinterest!  You can follow all of my wedding planning boards here.

#11 | Create Your Wedding Website

There are tons of “plug and play” wedding website templates that are FREE and easy to use!  Just a few ideas to get you started:

#12 | Choose Your Wedding Parties

And last but certainly not least, choosing your wedding parties is a really fun engagement checklist milestone.  For much more on this, you can check out two past episodes of the Wedding Planning Podcast:

I field so many listener questions on who to choose, how many people to include, do our two sides have to be even, can I have two “maids of honor”, or 2 best men … ?   Be sure to go back and have a listen to those two episodes for so much more info!

Engagement Checklist WRAP UP

If you’re newly engaged and there are items that you’re facing that didn’t make it on today’s show, I would LOVE to hear them! 

Come find me on Instagram – @weddingplanningpodcast & shoot me a DM.  I’d love to learn more about what you’re loving about being engaged, what you’re struggling with, AND how I can create future episodes to help you out in the very best way possible. 

Next week we’re going to talk all about your engagement party!  It’s going to be a really fun show, and I can’t wait to share more. 

THANK YOU again for your support of the Wedding Planning Podcast, and I’ll meet you here next week >>> same time, same place!

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