DIY Wedding Flower Secrets

Thank you for joining me for this special two-part episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast!  Come along on a fun road trip where I share my top 4 DIY wedding flower secrets.  Listen now:

DIY Wedding Flower Secrets | episode dated 4.18.18

Whether you’re doing full-blown DIY wedding flowers, or taking a little help from a professional florist, I’ll let you in on some wedding industry secrets that can save you a ton of cash and make your wedding flowers a huge success.

To find a floral wholesaler open to the public in YOUR area, try a google search with your city name + “wholesale flowers” or “wholesale floral”.

From the recording studio, to my car, to a refrigerator as big as a house, I hope you have as much fun on this wedding flower adventure as I did!  A recap:

wedding flower
The flower refrigerator where I recorded this episode!

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Wholesale Wedding Decor

Wedding Flower Secret No. 1

Consider keeping it green!  Greenery is a great news for those of you planning simple, DIY style wedding flowers.  At your flower wholesaler, you should find a generous selection of greenery to choose from.  Greens are an awesome substitute for more expensive flowers – greenery is lush, inexpensive, and natural looking.  You can always work in pops of color with your table settings, linens, and other decorations.

Wedding Flower Secret No. 2

Keep it simple!  This is so important, I  repeat it nearly every single episode.  Like most anything you do in planning your special day, I am always a fan of keeping things simple.  Disclaimer – those huge, brilliant wedding bouquets you see on Instagram and in featured weddings are likely NOT done by DIY brides.  Save the elaborate arrangements for a professional florist, and stick with one or two colors, and just one or two types of flowers.  Simplicity is much easier to pull off on your own, and you will save yourself lots of time, money and stress!

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Wedding Flower Secret No. 3

Mind your seasons.  What I saw in the flower fridge in March will be very different just one month from now.  Fresh flower inventories change very rapidly with the seasons.  Even week-to-week, my local wholesaler will have wildly different blooms available.  I would encourage you to speak with someone at your local wholesaler and get an idea of what types of flowers are in season during your wedding month.  Consider placing a special order so that you’re not caught off guard or surprised when you show up to purchase your flowers just days before your wedding.

Wedding Flower Secret No. 4

Test it out!  You’ve done your homework, visited a local wholesaler, and you know your seasonal options.  You’ve got Pinterest pictures and blog posts on DIY bouquets and centerpieces.  In your mind’s eye, everything looks just perfect – trust me here, you should definitely do a test run in the weeks ahead of your wedding so that you know exactly what you’re in for.  I know it will cost a little bit of extra time & money, but for reasons I talked about in today’s episode, it’s critical.

My wedding bouquet used just $10 worth of gorgeous roses, but I did two test runs to see exactly how long it took for the blooms to relax & open up to their fullest.

My DIY Wedding Bouquet!

diy wedding bouquet

Coming up next week, we’re back at the same wholesaler, but focusing on DECOR!  A sneak peek at some video footage of my shopping trip:

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