Hiring A Wedding Planner

“The more care & intention you put into your wedding plans throughout your engagement, the richer your wedding celebration & life beyond will be.”

Should you hire a WEDDING PLANNER / Day of Coodinator?

In today’s workshop-style meeting, we’re going to review a list of critical guidelines to keep in mind as you tackle this very important part of your engagement journey:

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Hiring Your Wedding Planner | episode dated 10.19.22

Hiring Your Wedding Planner

Confused about what role a wedding planner plays in the months, weeks, or days leading up to the wedding?

Tune in for a helpful discussion about the things you simply must consider + research before signing a contact with a wedding planner / coordinator / event designer (yes, they can be called ALL of those things – confusing, I know!)

Do I NEED a Wedding Planner?

You may be asking yourself, “Do we even need a wedding planner?”  This depends largely on your wedding budget, how involved you want to be in your wedding plans, the type of venue you choose, and a variety of other factors.

Some couples can easily pull off a wedding without ever hiring professional planning help.  In other cases, it would be virtually impossible to make everything successfully come together without professional help from a wedding planner.

It’s time for a NEW WAY to create your dream wedding celebration, where YOU, your values, and your priorities are at the center of every single decision you make from now until your wedding day, & beyond.

So let’s say goodbye to unrealistic, staged images on Pinterest of weddings in the forest that cost $32,000 – in decorations alone.

It’s time to tune out overhyped social media accounts that are pushing the $72 billion dollar wedding industry’s agenda.

Here on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we say no to the wedding industry’s priorities, and we say YES to a more fulfilled engagement season that starts with YOU.


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