How To: Create Your PERSONALIZED Wedding Planning Checklist

It’s finally time to rip up the freebie wedding planning checklist you found online.

Lots of engaged couples I meet are working with a small wedding budget and feeling completely overwhelmed.  What to do?  They turn to free wedding checklists and timelines to stay organized … thinking that freebie internet resources are the key to pulling off an incredible wedding for not a lot of money.

But, what most couples never realize is that mindlessly following all those free guides and wedding planning checklists will lead to you ultimately spending money on a bunch of “wedding stuff” that’s not even that important to you.

Let me back up.

Wedding programs are on your checklist. I mean, doesn’t every wedding have to have a ceremony program? Soon enough, your mom chimes in about menus, and place cards, and invitations with 3 enclosures, and RSVP cards and save the dates … And you see 3 different deals on Instagram, Facebook, and in an email from that wedding website for free samples, 50% off your order, and beautiful all-in-one custom invitation suites that match every wedding theme perfectly!

And next, you realize that you’ve spent $1000 on paper products that you could really care less about – all because they were on the checklist, they were on sale, and let’s be real, you didn’t want to disappoint your mom.

Is following that free wedding checklist really a good idea?

Wouldn’t it have been much easier to press pause and acknowledge at the start that you don’t care about ceremony programs, and therefore you’re just going to skip them altogether?  Same with the other $900 worth of paper products?

If you’re like me, and you want to keep things simple and affordable while at the same time pulling off an unforgettable wedding that’s FULL OF MEANING, then you know that driving yourself crazy trying to fulfill every single thing on that freebie wedding checklist isn’t the answer.

Ready for the new way? Tune in to today’s full episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast & learn exactly how to create your own PERSONALIZED wedding checklist that highlights only your most important priorities … and enjoy the freedom that comes when you say NO to everything else.

Talk soon!

Cheers, Kara​aligned wedding effec

PS – So, what’s on YOUR personalized wedding planning checklist, and what “traditional” wedding stuff did NOT make the cut? Tag me on Instagram @weddingplanningpodcast #alignedwedding & tell me all about it!

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