Long Distance Bridesmaids | Shopping Tips

“Hey long distance bridesmaids, go shopping and find a Peacock colored dress!”  Can you imagine how many different shades of blue would come back?  Listen now:

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How on earth do you shop for bridesmaid dresses when your ladies are scattered all over the country?

Long distance bridesmaids definitely adds some twists to wedding planning, so today we’re going to talk about important ways to make sure everyone gets the right dress colors, sizes, and styles more – even when your bridesmaids are living far away and you can’t shop together in person.

Some long distance shopping tips include:

  • Shopping at a nationwide retailer where you’ll enjoy consistent color swatches, styles, and sizing, and the ladies can go in person to try on.
  • Point your long distance ladies towards a specific department store like Macy’s or Nordstrom, and a specific designer and color.
  • Keep alterations simple.  Consider letting your bridesmaids choose dresses that naturally flatter their shapes to cut down on alterations, and avoid inconsistencies.

Another bridesmaid dress shopping option I love?

Not shopping at all!  With Rent the Runway, your ladies can borrow a designer dress for one great price, and return it after the wedding.  They will send FREE back-up sizes, FREE shipping, AND for a limited time, you can save $25 on each rental – definitely worth a look!  More information here:


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