Navigating Challenging Family Situations During Your Engagement

Dealing with challenging family situations is more or less inevitable at some point during your engagement.

In today’s brand new episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re going to power through a candid conversation on dealing with your most challenging family issues.  We’re also going to explore difficult relationship dynamics that may be surrounding your wedding.  Everything we’re talking about today comes directly from YOU, as submitted this week on Instagram.

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Navigating Challenging Family Situations During Your Engagement

A quick warning that NONE of the topics or situations we’re reviewing today are easy. However, they are manageable when we tackle them head-on with a spirit of compassion, compromise, and tact.

Throughout the course of today’s all-new episode, we’ll explore the wedding planning issues you’re facing right now surrounding:

  • Celebrating the holidays with both families,
  • COVID & politics,
  • Money,
  • Blended families,
  • Alcohol,
  • Estranged family & broken relationships,
  • Walking down the aisle,
  • And, of course, good old RELIGION.

​And, quickly before we part ways – I’m always hard at work putting together all new shows, and I would love to learn a bit more about YOU!

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