Nine Wedding Planning Puzzles, Solved!

Pour the {eggnog, wine, bourbon, insert your fave holiday drink here} and cuddle up – this week’s episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast is full of NINE of your wonderful wedding planning questions.

Missed it? LISTEN NOW!

Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping Tips, Alcohol Service Rules, DIY Project Advice & More!

In today’s Wedding Q&A style show, we explore:

  • Plus-size dress shopping tips,
  • Alcohol service rules at your venue,
  • Financial stress between your families,
  • Wedding timelines,
  • Wedding band shopping tips,
  • DIY project advice & transportation,
  • Creative ways to include Mom in the ceremony,
  • Why I would highly recommend renting a vacation property for pre-wedding prep & festivities!

Ever feel like talking about money and the wedding with your families makes you wanna find a cave and hide? You’re not alone! Tune in for some easy ways to gracefully change the subject 😉

All my heart to you & yours for a beautiful, love-filled holiday!

xo, Kara

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