Wedding Photography | A Complete Guide

Wedding photography is a critical investment in your wedding day.

Wedding photography will top the list of expenses for many couples, and for good reason – your wedding day will come and go in a flash, but the photos will last forever.

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Wedding Photography | A Complete Guide

In this special two-part interview, I sit down with Sasha Wasio of Wasio Photography.  Sasha and her husband, Yaneck, created a dynamic photography business that began years ago in Chicago, IL. (They have since moved to San Diego, CA).

wedding photography
Kara & Sasha, recording live in downtown San Diego, September 2017

I’ve known Sasha and Yaneck for years, and have always admired their sharp focus on the engaged couples’ experience.  From the first meeting, to engagement shoot, wedding day & beyond, their genuine passion for wedding photography and their couples is crystal clear.

Sasha + Yaneck Wasio

For this two-part series of the Wedding Planning Podcast, Sasha graciously invites us into the Wasio Photography studios in downtown San Diego, and shares her insightful advice on all things wedding photography.

What we cover …

We talk in detail about wedding photography styles, and tips for choosing your wedding photographer.  We also cover critical questions you simply MUST ask before signing a contract, the importance of scheduling an engagement shoot, pro’s and con’s of doing a “first look”, and so much more!

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recording live with Sasha Wasio in San Diego, September 2017 @weddingplanningpodcast

5 Reasons to Book an Engagement Session

And there’s more!  See below for a wonderful article by Sasha on “5 Reasons to Book an Engagement Session”.  You’ll find a wealth of information on wedding photography, and can learn more about this amazing husband & wife duo.

5 Reasons to Book an Engagement Session with Your Wedding Photographer

Photo courtesy of Wasio Photography

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