Renting Airbnb Wedding Venue, Our $5000 Budget, Hiring a Babysitter & More!

This week on the Wedding Planning Podcast, I have a mailbox full of your wedding planning questions to review!

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Renting Airbnb Wedding Venue, Our $5000 Budget, Hiring a Babysitter for Reception & More | episode dated 7.27.22

Here’s a full look at everything on our agenda this week:

  • What’s a nice way of asking the moms to wear a certain style / color?
  • Who to invite to your bachelorette party (just bridesmaids or others, too?)
  • Having a hard time finding a venue that will allow a food truck, BYOB, in our area, for about $5000 budget.  There will be about 50 – 100 guests.  I’m about to say screw it and elope, but I know we’ll regret it, any suggestions?  
  • Should I hire a babysitter for the reception?
  • What if there’s a pool at my venue? (Things to consider)
  • I don’t necessarily want a traditional wedding cake – what are some fun dessert options for hot weather?
  • What do you think about using an Air bnb as our venue?  We found one that we love, and the owner agreed to let us host our wedding there, but I feel uneasy booking it for over a year away (Sept. 2022) – so many things could happen in a year.  I would hate to get close to the wedding, have something happen to the house, and not have a venue.  
  • Family children … how to involve them in the wedding so they feel like they have a special job / part in everything (my mom promised a cousin a role that I never actually “approved” of)
  • Trying to host our wedding in a field (family land) and I have it mostly planned but there’s no electricity – is dancing completely out of the question?  I thought we’d have it during the day but wouldn’t that be boring?
  • How important is an MC?  Venue includes a DOC but not the MC part – could I just have my brother or a friend do it?  
  • How do I reign in our wedding planner? 

“Our venue includes a wedding coordinator for the rehearsal and wedding day, and initially I was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating and informative she is.  Since the initial relief and excitement of finding and booking the perfect venue, we’re starting to realize the huge task ahead of us in terms of booking EVERYTHING (the venue comes with nothing set up, so we need to choose tables, chairs, place settings, dance floor, bar, basically everything.)  At this point, I feel completely overwhelmed by her ideas & suggestions, and I’m starting to worry that the wedding she has envisioned for us does not line up with our vision OR our budget.  How do I reign in our wedding planner and rest easy knowing that we are on the same page?”

There are so many layers to this one that we have a dedicated show coming up next week, all about your initial meetings with your wedding planner, venue, or anyone else who’s going to be helping you make your perfect wedding celebration come to life! 

In my years of experience, it’s not just wedding planners who need to reigned in, but often times moms, wedding party members, aunts, cousins …. feeling familiar?  We’re going to cover it all next week!

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