Candid Wedding Photo Storage + Organization

Don’t risk losing hundreds of priceless candid photos of your wedding day!

Your guests will snap hundreds – if not thousands – of candid photos on your wedding day, AND during the many special events leading up to it.

DIY craft night at your sister’s house.  Bachelorette party shenanigans.  Emotional rehearsal dinner moments.  That overwhelming, crazy, unforgettable moment you found your wedding dress.

Without a plan, you risk having all of these amazing candid pics gone for good – left to fade away on someone’s phone, never to be seen or shared.

Listen to this special episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast for detailed information on how you can collect, organize and SAVE all of those precious memories, directly from your guests’ cell phones!  Click the player below to learn more:

Candid Wedding Photo Storage + Organization

These days, nearly everyone has a high quality phone at their fingertips, snapping pictures constantly.  In the months, weeks, days leading up to the wedding, your friends and family are likely to capture hundreds (if not thousands) of candid photos that are just as meaningful as the ones shot by your wedding photographer.

The trouble is that so many of those photos are never seen or shared!

How many times have you thought “oooo, I need to send that photo to Kate, it’s so cute” – but you never sent it?  Now, multiply that by 100+ wedding guests, and you’re missing out on a LOT of memories!

Candid snaps from engagement parties, wedding shopping trips, DIY crafting parties, bridal shows, dress shopping, hair and makeup trials, and then of course your guests’ perspectives from the rehearsal + wedding day itself – sets you up with very simple tools to capture all of these special pics.

The best part?  James, creator of TacBoard, has generously shared a $15 discount for all Wedding Planning Podcast listeners.

More details here!


  • TacBoard is powered via text message and a unique gallery phone number assigned to your wedding – no app installation or separate signup necessary!
  • Gather unlimited photos for an unlimited time before the wedding – there is no limit to how many memories can be shared.
  • Complimentary table tent cards are included to display your phone number prominently at the rehearsal and reception.
  • Live stream your gallery for a fun, interactive guest experience – requires very minimal equipment and technical skill!  Click here for a message from James:

  • Choose from dozens of custom gallery themes to personalize the look of your live display.
  • Your gallery will never expire or be “taken down”.
  • Easily download, share, and organize your candid photos straight from your desktop.


  • Laptop computer,
  • Projector OR Big Screen TV,
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • HDMI cable


There’s more!  James has also created these FREE resources for you to enjoy!

Free Wedding Timeline Generator

Easily create, personalize, and download your very own WEDDING  DAY TIMELINE at 

Just enter your wedding day info and download your FREE PDF! 

Free Signature Cocktail Sign Generator

Want to make your own signage for your wedding?

Check out our FREE SIGNATURE COCKTAIL SIGN GENERATOR here! to personalize & download your very own COCKTAIL SIGN.

Questions about signing up for TacBoard, configuring your live stream, or using TacBoard in general?  James and his team would love to help!  You can contact them here:


Questions on signing up for your TacBoard gallery?  Please be in touch!

Cheers until next time!

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  1. Hi Michelle! I’m so sorry that I just caught this … you don’t need a code for Tacboard, just be sure to checkout at Sending my best wishes, and I would LOVE to see your photo gallery! Please keep in touch with your wedding plans! Cheers, Kara

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