Your Wedding Budget | Yes, You CAN Have it ALL.

I’ll bet you want to host THE MOST meaningful, fun, unforgettable wedding that any of your friends & family have ever been to. Sounds simple enough, right?

Riiiiight. The trouble is, sometimes our “champagne dreams” really clash with our beer budget.

Most couples don’t have a 6-figure wedding budget.  You likely can’t afford to hand over a blank checkbook to a full service event planner.  In turn, you’re forced to make really difficult sacrifices and swaps throughout your engagement.

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re going to walk through a detailed conversation that will show you exactly how to get everything you want most our of your wedding celebration – no matter what your budget is.

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Navigate Your Wedding Budget w/ ZERO STRESS in 3 Easy Steps

3 Keys to Ditching Wedding Budget Stress

  • In today’s show, I share a foolproof formula for identifying your top priorities and giving yourselves permission to allocate most of your wedding budget to those key wedding elements.
  • You’ve got full permission to KEEP IT SIMPLE.
  • And finally, we discuss the importance of keeping things in perspective. In other words, knowing when to flex your money-saving muscles, and when it might be better to trade your time for dollars and pay a professional rather than trying to “do it yourself”.

Tune in to today’s brand new show for so much more … including your top 5 “sticker shockers” from Instagram (@weddingplanningpodcast) over the past week!

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