Wedding Favors & Thank You Gift Ideas

So it turns out, wedding favors would be the first thing to go.

Let’s back up, shall we? 😉

Last week on Instagram Stories, I asked “what would you cut if you suddenly found your wedding budget $1000 short?”  A REALLY popular answer?  Wedding favors.

I don’t blame you!  While wedding favors are totally optional, there are an infinite number of ways to make them meaningful & fun (without spending a ton of money!).

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Wedding Favors & Thank You Gifts | Episode dated 11.25.2020

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What’s the point of a wedding favor, anyway? 

It’s pretty easy to think that the only point of favors is for the wedding industry to squeeze another $2-$3 per guest out of your pocket.  Well, that too, but the point of a guest favor is simply to say thank you for coming. 

We can approach guest favors from lots of different angles.  Some couples aim to give something that will be saved, for example a physical gift like a monogrammed can koozie, bottle opener, bottle stopper, or magnet.

I have dozens of these things in a box in the garage with our camping stuff.  Frankly, I don’t use beer koozies, and you can only have so many bottle openers. 

When it comes to a wedding favor, I don’t think you NEED to spend a lot of time, energy or money coming up with the perfect trinket that 100 people are going to love and save forever.

In my book, if you can either eat, burn, or drink it?  It’s the perfect wedding favor.

I’m a fan of something consumable – candy, cookies, doughnuts, candles, tea, coffee, hot chocolate.  You get the idea. 

Let’s dive in to three of my favorite wedding favors to share with your guests.

Wedding Favor Idea #1 | CANDY BAR

Setting up a candy bar for your guests to fill a bag on their way home is easy, cheap, and fun.  What’s not to love?  (And with Halloween right around the corner as this episode airs, this feels like a good place to start!)

*OBLIGATORY COVID NOTE* >>> Do a safe variation of a candy bar by pre-packaging bags for your guests to grab on their way out.

EVERYONE loves candy, and setting up a fun assortment of goodies is a really easy & affordable project.  Choose 4-5 of your favorites.  I like to aim for a mix of chocolate, fruity, maybe even salty. 

Next, set everything up in containers for your guests to help themselves.  Look in your own kitchen and be creative!  You (or your close friends & loved ones) might have bowls, jars, etc that will work for this – you probably don’t even need to buy anything.

For the favor bags, you can pick up 100 clear treat bags for less than $4.

If you want to personalize your favor bags with a thank you tag or custom sticker, do a search on Etsy for templates that can be printed at home.  The cost?  Very little to maybe even free!

I LOVE setting up a candy bar for your guests to fill a bag on the way home.  It’s a little something that’s interactive, it’s a treat, it’s easy, and it can be done for less than $1 / guest.  

Wedding Favor Idea #2 | A Tasty Treat

Another fun favor idea that doesn’t require an entire candy bar assortment is a single take-home treat like cake pop, pretzel stick, gourmet cookie, or doughnut. 

Now, you can certainly arrange to buy fun colorful doughnuts or artisan cookies from a fancy bakery, but of course that’s another expense that’s totally optional – recruit your family to each make a couple dozen giant cookies, or chocolate bark, and bag it up.

I’m obsessed with candy melts, and also obsessed with Food Network and in last months’ magazine there was an entire spread on creative treats using candy melts.  They are so fun because they come in a million different colors, so you can get really custom with matching your wedding colors.  This article even has a color mixing chart for combining colors to make even more custom colors, like spring green, dark pink, etc.

custom colors candy melts
“Make 12 Custom Colors With Candy Melts” from

Wedding Favor Idea #3 | Handmade Soy Candles, Custom Coasters, and Mason Jar Cocktail Sets

For details on all three of these fun wedding favor projects, AND a list of 37 more creative favor ideas, visit this article from our friends at

diy mason jar cocktail sets
DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Sets are “level ONE” in the easy DIY category!

Wedding Favor Idea #4 | WASHI TAPE TEA LIGHTS

This is pretty much the cutest idea ever.  Visit this post from our friends at Something Turquoise for the full tutorial on making these cute little gifts!  wedding favors

wedding favors

Wedding Favor Idea #5 | MINI SUCCULENTS

You know I love succulents.  If you’re in the right climate, growing succulents is the PERFECT wedding favor idea!  Mini pots, spray paint, some soil, time, love … voila.  The perfect wedding favors.

wedding favors

Wedding Favor Idea #6 | A TASTY TREAT!

Package a cookie, doughnut, popcorn, chocolate bark, or anything else you love in a cellophane bag or box with a printable sticker.

Our friends at Sugar & Charm have really cute doughnut favor tags that are totally free. And this is just one example that I found – FREE DOWNLOADS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!  You don’t have to spend ANY money on this – search google for “free favor tag template” and you’ll find plenty to work with.

You can certainly arrange to buy fun colorful doughnuts but of course that’s another expense that’s totally optional.  Consider recruiting your family to each make a couple dozen giant cookies or homemade chocolate bark, and bag it up.

YOUR Wedding Favor Ideas & projects you’re working on!

wedding favor ideas

wedding planning podcast

cheap wedding favors

OK, what do you think?  Got some ideas flowing?  I would LOVE to see & share your favor ideas – tag me or DM on Instagram @weddingplanningpodcast!

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