Finding Your Perfect Wedding Officiant

Your wedding officiant is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT components of your entire wedding day.  We’re exploring everything that goes into finding the perfect officiant in today’s all new episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast.  Missed it?  Listen now!

Your Wedding Officiant | episode dated 3.6.2020

wedding officiant

What is a wedding officiant?

Your wedding officiant is the person who will stand with you at the altar and ultimately pronounce you a married couple.  You know, the person who says “with the power vested in me, I now pronounce you _______ & ________.”

Who you choose to fulfill this VERY important role is different from couple to couple.

Getting married in a church?  Your officiant, or “celebrant”, has likely been chosen for you based on the staff at the church.

If you’re not getting married in a church, you may have some more creative options at hand for choosing your wedding officiant.  You can hire a professional to do the job, or have a friend or family member ordained to perform the marriage ceremony.

We chose our loved one to officiate … Now what?

unboring officiant

Set on having a loved one lead your wedding ceremony?  LOVE IT.  But wait –

Don’t risk an under-prepared, awkward, cringe-worthy performance!  Give your rookie officiant everything they need to deliver your ceremony just like a seasoned professional by visiting our friend – the “official” Unboring Officiant – Mark Allan Groleau.  

Mark guides your loved one through personal coaching and an easy, step-by-step process to crafting your personal, love-story-based wedding ceremony and delivering it on the wedding day – just like a PRO.

UNBORING OFFICIANT is filled with ALL the tools and templates your loved-one will ever need.  It’s helped hundreds of new officiants all over the world, and is completely risk free with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  What’s not to love?

GET THE COURSE NOW & save 50%!

WHAT COUPLES ARE SAYING about “Unboring Officiant” …

Hiring a professional?  Great!  What things should we look for in our hired wedding officiant?

You & your partner will decide your officiant’s role in the months leading up to the wedding, and the ceremony itself. Therefore, it’s really important to do extensive research and interviews to be sure you choose someone who is compatible with your personalities & vision.  We go into this in detail during the full-length audio show.  

I also have a very special guest join me who has a LOT of wisdom & working experience on the topic of who should marry you –

Bethel Nathan is a Southern California-based wedding officiant who is amazingly insightful and warm.  I fell in love with her the first time we met, and I think you will too!

Bethel outlines the most important lessons she has learned marrying 900+ couples in the past ten years.

She shares why it is so important to find an officiant who will participate WITH you in building the wedding ceremony and your vows – versus just giving you a blank piece of paper and telling you to write out what you want them to say.


Bethel also shares her firm position of the ceremony being the WHY OF THE WEDDING.  “Grandma didn’t come for the DJ.”  SO TRUE.  In this respect, your wedding officiant – whether a religious celebrant, a family member, or a hired individual you found on the internet – is THE single most important vendor you will hire / work with.

Located in Southern California & searching for the perfect wedding officiant?  You can be in touch with Bethel & learn more about working with her here.  Let her know that you heard her interview on the Wedding Planning Podcast!

www.CeremoniesbyBethel.comwedding officiant

I hope you loved today’s show, and will share it with your favorite engaged couple!


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