Wedding Photography 101

Get started finding your perfect wedding photography team with the TIME + MONEY SAVING RESEARCH TIPS featured in today’s show!

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WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEOGRAPHY 101 | episode dated 11.30.22

These are my top photography / videography search guidelines and are the perfect place to start …

But you’ll quickly discover that there’s so much more that goes into finding your perfect photographer:

  • Knowing intuitively when & how to NEGOTIATE PRICING + PACKAGE SPECIFICS,
  • Creating a top-notch MASTER SHOT LIST,
  • Preparing for your ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SHOOT,
  • Should we do a “FIRST LOOK“?
  • VIDEOGRAPHY specifics ,
  • Is DIY PHOTOGRAPHY and/or videography an option – for your pre-wedding parties & events, rehearsal, or maybe even your wedding day?
  • Actionable tips for DIY VIDEOGRAPHY from a bride who pulled it off (AND has an amazing wedding video to show for it!)
  • Is it OK to hire a “rookie” photographer who doesn’t have a ton of experience, or is that a horrible idea?
  • What secrets & tips would a veteran wedding photographer share with you one on one, over coffee?

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