Wedding Q&A | Freebies, Hurt Feelings, Catering Alternatives & more!

BONUS | Make today’s Wedding Q&A episode a “face-to-face” meeting inside The VAULT!

Welcome to this week’s all new Wedding Q&A episode!  Today’s show features your questions on …

  • What should we wear for our engagement photo shoot?
  • Mixed feelings about accepting a freebie,
  • Sidestepping hurt feelings,
  • Is this a “slap in the face” to my bridesmaids?
  • Skipping the cake and opting for a dessert bar,
  • Affordable catering alternatives,
  • & so much more!

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You’ll find the video version of today’s meeting at the very top of the “Wedding Q&A” section.

If you’d prefer the audio version, that’s right here:

Wedding Q&A | Freebies, Hurt Feelings, Catering Alternatives & more!  Episode dated 2.24.21

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>>> Let’s be real ….

>>> weddings have changed …..

>>> shouldn’t your wedding planner? 

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