Mapping Your Wedding Reception Floor Space

Accurately mapping your wedding reception floor space is critical, especially if you’re using a creative space that doesn’t necessarily have a set “max” capacity.  Listen now!

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Why is accurately planning your reception floor space so important?  Your wedding guests will need plenty of space to get up, roam around and enjoy the experience, and they can’t do this if tables are crammed in too tightly and there’s not ample space to move.

Today we talk about some important things to keep in mind as you’re mapping out the room.  I offer some creative alternatives to round reception tables that will maximize space if you’re working with an oddly shaped room or patio.

Mapping Your Reception Floor Space key takeaways:

  • Be realistic about size & spacing
  • Consider alternative table layouts and table sizes
  • Take inventory of everything you need to have within your reception space – obviously your guest tables, but don’t forget the cake, gifts, sign in / guest book, place cards, room for your DJ & dance floor, etc.
  • Leave a 2′ buffer around each table, on all sides

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