LIVE Wedding Strategy Session Part II

Welcome to PART II of a very special series of the Wedding Planning Podcast, where you can listen to this couples’ dream wedding celebration come to life – in real time!

In this week’s episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast, real life bride (& my sweet sister!) Kate dishes on:

  • A very surprising method for discovering what you truly want,
  • Exactly how to start planning a completely outside-the-box wedding celebration.
  • Planning ahead in the midst of massive uncertainty {yes, we’re STILL talking about this 😞},
  • The curious opportunities that COVID has presented to couples,
  • Real life wedding situations where less is more,
  • Enjoying your engagement & being fully present,
  • and so much more (I know I always say that, but really, there is SO much more great stuff within our convo!)

The unfiltered BONUS version of today’s wedding planning strategy call, including video of our chat and a detailed engagement checklist is all available within my digital wedding planning package, !

It’s all yours with a FREE 3-day trial when you sign up at . There’s no contract, zero obligation, and you’re free to cancel your membership at any time.

I can’t wait to see you there, and I hope you’re loving this series!