4 Money-Saving Wedding “Swaps”

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Today, I’m here to share some money-saving swaps for traditional wedding touches that come with no sacrifice to your incredible wedding day.

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Wedding Swap #1

Decorate with Live Plants (in place of traditional florals)

The key to making this swap super friendly on your wallet is striking a deal with a local nursery. I’ve worked with many couples who were able to rent live plants from a local nursery for a tiny fraction of the cost they’d pay to purchase live plants or traditional floral displays. 

Whether you’re looking for some gorgeous succulent centerpieces, lush ferns to frame the wedding altar, and trendy fiddle-leaf figs to fill in the wedding decor on the guestbook table,  small local nurseries are happy to “rent” a few pieces for the weekend to round out your wedding style. 

Be sure to negotiate the details of how things will work if a plant is damaged or disappears, and enjoy your lush wedding look for far less. 

As with most money-saving tricks, you’ll need to arrange for transportation for the plants to the venue, so recruit a helpful relative to manage the logistical details.

Wedding Swap #2

Create a Dessert Bar (in place of a traditional wedding cake)

Crowdsourcing a gorgeous dessert bar is often far easier than a couple might imagine. If you and your honey’s families have some signature desserts, consider asking your relatives to whip up some of these family heirlooms to the event in lieu of a gift. 

Your guests will enjoy having a variety of dessert options to choose from and having a story behind the treats you serve adds to the sentimental wedding vibes. 

Clear communication regarding how many servings you’ll need and when/where to drop off the special dishes is key. Be sure to have a point person in charge of setting up the dessert bar on the big day.

Wedding Swap #3

Recruit a Friend or Relative to Officiate (in place of hiring a pro)

Selecting a meaningful person in your life to serve as your wedding officiant is a huge honor to bestow upon someone. 

This swap not only saves money, but it also can create a more intimate, personal ceremony since this person can talk about your relationship with a depth of knowledge far greater than your run-of-the-mill officiant.

There are many free resources online that allow anyone (over 18) to become ordained in just minutes. You and your future spouse can craft the ceremony to your exact vision rather than working off of a preset template. 

Be sure that the person you select is truly up excited to take on this job and comfortable with public speaking.  

*More information on an incredible service that coaches your loved one to deliver your wedding ceremony like a PRO can be found here!

Wedding Swap #4

A Charitable Donation (in place of a traditional favor)

There are many adorable, cost-effective favors out there, but many of them require a bit of DIY craftiness. For those who don’t enjoy crafting the night away, consider putting that favor money towards something more impactful and closer to your heart.

During the reception, you and your spouse can happily announce that you’ve made a donation in honor of your guests to (enter your fave charity here) rather than purchasing traditional favors. 

Whether you put the money towards cancer research, helping the environment, or a project in your local community, this gesture will be appreciated by your guest. Plus, you don’t have to worry about half your guests forgetting their favors at the end of the celebration.

Wedding Swap #5

Join a Wedding Planning Club (in place of hiring a full-service planner)

Hiring a full-service wedding planner is something many couples can’t afford, but that doesn’t mean you have to plan your wedding without the guidance and support of a professional wedding planner. 

Wedding planning clubs, like the Wedding Hacker Planning Club, allow couples to enjoy professional guidance and support throughout their planning journey for a fraction of the price they would spend for a traditional planner. 

Couples are connected with money-saving resources, vendor referrals, and a network of like-minded couples who are planning alongside them. 

Having a professional to review a contract, give feedback on a challenge, or vent to really helps couples avoid wedding planning overwhelm and makes planning a wedding far more fun.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to save money on your big day, visit TheWeddingHacker.com for more tips, tricks, and resources.

Misc. Resources from today’s show …

Visit our friend Mark from UnboringOfficiant.com/weddingplanningpodcast for details on how your friend or family member can write & deliver your wedding ceremony like a pro! 

There is a small investment involved, but you’ll still likely save $ over hiring a traditional officiant AND enjoy the sentiment of having a loved one perform your marriage – that’s what I call a win, win!

Thanks for so much joining us today, and we’ll talk next week!

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