Week Two BONUS Q&A | 10 Wedding Venue Contract Essentials

In today’s 20 minute BONUS Q&A, we’re reviewing 10 basic items to look for within your wedding venue contract.

LISTEN NOW!  WEEK 2 BONUS Q&A >>> 10 Wedding Venue Contract Essentials

This meeting is a follow up to our January 19th BONUS WORKSHOP on shopping for your dream wedding venue.  Missed it?  Be sure to go back & have a listen!

Now of course, every couple, every wedding, and every planning scenario very unique – this conversation is meant to be a general guideline, and may not be all-inclusive depending on your situation.


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To wrap it up, here’s a question for you:

Are you still using the same phone you had ten years ago? 

No way!  Phones have changed so much in just the past three years, let alone ten.  You’ve upgraded 2, 3, maybe even 5 times to take advantage of new features, more storage, and better functionality as it became available.   

Just like phones, weddings have changed A LOT over the past couple of years.  So why would you rely on the same old wedding websites, free checklists, and planning timelines that have literally been around since I planned my own wedding, 10 years ago?

It’s time for a NEW WAY to create your dream wedding celebration, where YOU, your values, and your priorities are at the center of every single decision you make from now until your wedding day, & beyond.

So let’s say goodbye to unrealistic, staged images on Pinterest of weddings in the forest that cost $32,000 – in decorations alone. 

It’s time to tune out overhyped social media accounts that are pushing the $72 billion dollar wedding industry’s agenda.  

Here on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we say NO to the wedding industry’s priorities, and we say yes to a more fulfilled engagement season that starts with YOU.  

Thank you so much for tuning in to the WPP 12 Weeks of Engagement Season bonus series!  


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