Unity Ceremony Ideas

Traditional sand or candles not gonna cut it for your wedding unity ceremony?  A few creative & unique “Unity Ceremony” ideas from around Instagram!

Planting a tree together wins my favorite spin on the traditional unity ceremony:

unity ceremony ideas

Layer earth from all the places you’ve been, together and separately …

unity ceremony ideas

Succulent-lovers, rejoice!  Make a “unity terrarium” like shown here:

unity ceremony ideas

Unity LEGO-statue, awwwww:
unity ceremony ideas

Psssst … there’s nothing wrong with layering pretty sand, either!

unity ceremony ideas

Back to my fave – planting a unity tree together during your ceremony that will always mark your home together:

unity ceremony ideas

Unity braiding ceremony:

unity ceremony ideas

“You’re the peanut butter to my jelly!”  How cute is this unity PB&J ceremony:

unity ceremony ideas

And last, but certainly not least – nothing says UNITY like TEQUILA SHOTS!  (shrug shrug)

unity ceremony ideas

There are endless creative ways to celebrate a fun twist on the traditional unity ceremony!  Search #unityceremony on Instagram or Pinterest for hundreds more inspirational ideas.

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Cheers to you!

xo Kara

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