5 More Surprising Ways to Increase Quality + Value on Your Wedding Plans

This week is Part Two of a special 2-part series, where we’re highlighting some clever ways to not only save money, but also to increase the QUALITY + VALUE on everything from decor, rental items, invitations, food & drinks, and even your venue!

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5 More Surprising Ways to Increase Quality + Value on Your Wedding Plans | episode dated 8.30.23

So many couples equate a higher price tag with a higher-quality end product or service, and that’s simply not always true.

Worse, that mentality can add up to spending tens of thousands of dollars more than necessary to host a memorable and meaningful wedding celebration.

The million dollar question is how can we develop an instinct for when it makes sense to invest more money for a higher quality experience, and when taking a less expensive route will be just fine – and we’ll explore the answer in these two episodes!

Lucky for all of us, there are opportunities to simultaneously maximize quality AND value literally everywhere, and I’ve chosen these wedding planning elements to share with you as examples of how to think differently about the amount of money that’s really necessary to spend to acheive your end goal, which of course is a beautiful, unforgettable wedding celebration.


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