You Wedding GUEST LIST

Need a little help decoding the complex, often frustrating process of creating your wedding GUEST LIST? 

Finalizing who will actually receive a wedding invitation is a process that will likely take some time, revisions, cuts, and LOTS of patience.

In this week’s featured wedding planning meeting, we’re uncovering the KEY CHECKPOINTS to crafting a guest list that honors your wedding vision & budget, and reflects your top priorities.

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Smart Tips for Crafting Your Wedding GUEST LIST | episode dated 1.3.2024

Once your general wedding budget and a venue are decided on, compiling a finalized guest list is the next key step in the early stages of planning out your wedding celebration.

Of course, family & friends are the centerpiece of our lives.  Naturally, you’ll want to include your closest loved ones in this very special celebration.

That’s the easy part …

Planning your wedding involves a ton of strategic research & decision-making.  That’s the stuff you can look up on Google.  How to book a wedding photographer.  Cheap wedding invitations.  Top wedding venues in my area.   

But there’s an entirely separate dimension of your engagement & wedding planning journey, that you’ll hear me call “the new way to plan your wedding” – and that’s all stuff that you can’t google.

No internet search engine in the world knows your priorities, or your personal values.  Google can’t spit out a truly personalized road map to the wedding that YOU WANT.  You can’t look up “how do I confidently sail through my engagement on-budget, stress-free, and loving the process?”  

Computers can do a lot, but they can’t replace the priceless value of human connection and introspection.  That’s what I’m here for, and that’s the deeper work that I can help coach you & your fiance through.

Thousands of engaged couples ARE confidently sailing through their engagement on-budget, stress-free, and loving the process, and you can do it to inside my digital wedding planning package, The VAULT. 

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