Wedding Venue Contract Essentials

In this week’s episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re reviewing 10 basic items to look for within your wedding venue contract.

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10 Wedding Venue Contract Essentials | episode dated 6.15.22

Now of course, every couple, every wedding, and every planning scenario very unique – this conversation is meant to be a general guideline, and may not be all-inclusive depending on your situation.

AT-A-GLANCE Wedding Venue Contract Essentials:

  • Names & contact info of all parties
  • Date and specific times
  • Details of specific space or rooms to be used
  • What time you’re able to start setting up
  • Number of guests, tables & floor plan
  • Specific listing of everything provided
  • Insurance, permits, and/or licensing requirements
  • Name of all managers, supervisors, and their backups on the day of your event
  • Set up, Clean Up, late fees, any additional fees
  • Total cost, itemized
  • Deposit amount & due dates
  • Final balance and due date
  • Cancellation & refund policy

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