Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Videography | Shutter & Sound

On the fence about WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY?  You’re certainly not alone.

And yet 98% of married couples recommend having your wedding day on film – that’s an overwhelming endorsement for making wedding videography a top priority!

In my experience, wedding videography is probably the number one item that engaged couples are undecided about.  It’s no doubt a big investment, and a huge topic to unpack – so today I have an expert special guest to help us do just that.

Today we’re joined by Ken Foster, who is a lead shooter for Shutter and Sound.

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Why 98% Of Married Couples Recommend Wedding Videography | episode dated 9.27.23

Shutter and Sound is a very small group of filmmakers dedicated to turning your big day into a work of art.  They help you relive the tremble in your partner’s voice, the joyous applause, or that unexpected dance move during the reception. It’s all there, woven into a high-end film that’s uniquely yours.

Tune in to the full show for an Ultimate Guide to Wedding Videography, and learn why 98% of married couples recommend having a video of your wedding day:

  • We’re on the fence – how to decide if we should hire a videographer
  • How I hired a videographer for my own wedding (at the 11th hour!)
  • Benefits of videography vs. still photography
  • Budgeting, packages, and pricing
  • Research tips for finding the perfect videographer
  • Wedding videography package options
  • Biggest mistakes & complaints couples have about videography
  • How to prepare for being in front of the camera
  • The MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO on your wedding day
  • Budgeting intentionally and honoring your personal priorities as you plan

And for those wondering about locations: Shutter & Sound has 14 major U.S. cities covered, including spots like Boston, New York, L.A. and D.C. Plus, they’re all about adventure, and are more than willing to travel for your big day.

Simply visit, explore their beautiful website including detailed pricing information and sample videos, and be in touch via email with the “Contact Us” link.

Cheers to you & a beautiful wedding celebration!

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