Ask Me Anything! Wedding Planning Q&A

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re exploring your top wedding questions!

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Wedding Planning Q&A | episode dated 10.18.23

  • Ideal number of wedding party members / pro’s & con’s of larger vs. smaller group?
  • What are your thoughts on doing a first look vs. waiting for the more traditional moment when I walk down the aisle?
  • Inviting kids to the wedding – does it have to be “all or nothing?”  Babysitting options?
  • OK to assign seats for the ceremony?  Divorced parents on my side and want to keep them separated.
  • Do you have a good resource for a full wedding planning countdown / timeline?
  • Best resource for planning our honeymoon?
  • Easy & convenient tuxedo / suit rentals?
  • Including family & friends who want to help, but I don’t really know what to ask them to do.  What are some easy items to delegate?
  • Etiquette involved w/ planning at the same time as my close friend?  Things are already overlapping and I’m feeling really frustrated

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