Designing Your Wedding Ceremony

This week’s episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast is designed to focus on the most critical part of your wedding day – your wedding ceremony.  

In the midst of wedding planning chaos, the ceremony can get pushed to the end and miss getting the full attention and creativity it deserves. 

Do yourselves a favor & start thinking about your wedding ceremony early … don’t let this become a last-minute item on your wedding planning to-do list!  

Your wedding ceremony is literally the WHY of the entire wedding day, and today we’re going to review:

  • Ceremony flow of events,
  • Finding an officiant, 
  • Your wedding vows, 
  • And finally some additional ways to incorporate meaning and personality.

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Designing Your Wedding Ceremony | show dated 1.25.23

A well-crafted wedding ceremony will perfectly express your relationship as a couple.  It should make your guests understand exactly why they are at the wedding, and may address the couples past, present and future. 

We can be serious, lighthearted, traditional or a mix of all three – your ceremony doesn’t have to follow any script, and you’re free to personalize this portion of your day in any way you like!


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