Practical Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Today I’m sharing a quick list of my favorite practical bridal shower gift ideas.

One of the endless things to love about being engaged is that you’re going to have a steady stream of friends & family showering you with gifts.  Engagement gifts.  Bridal shower gifts.  Bachelorette party gifts.  And of course, wedding gifts!

And it’s easy to get caught off guard when a loved one asks in advance of a party, “what do you want / need?”

I’m all about practical gifts.  Now generally speaking, that can mean a few different things.  A practical gift could be something that’s particularly useful for a specific purpose or event.

It can also mean consumable – in other words, you use it, enjoy it, and then it’s gone.

With so many gifting opportunities coming your way in the coming months, here’s a list of suggestions so that when someone asks, “what would be a good gift for your bridal shower?” you’ll be prepared with a set of unique, useful, and fun ideas!



Planning and hosting a wedding isn’t cheap, and sometimes the best gift is one that saves you money, simple as that.

Create a gift registry that includes useful things for your actual wedding celebration.  For example wedding favors, place cards, or even customized cash gifts to be used towards your wedding vendors. (More on this below.)

“Well, since you asked, we could really use a set of these Bottle Stopper wedding favors for the reception … “


  • Craft kits / supplies for making your own wedding decor, favors, place cards, etc.
  • Gift Cards to purchase DIY project supplies (Etsy, Amazon, Michaels, Target)
  • Gift Cards to your favorite stores to purchase pre-wedding event dresses, shoes, makeup & accessories
  • Stock your wedding bar with gift cards to Total Wine, BevMo, Costco or Sam’s Club

practical bridal shower gift ideas


Another practical bridal shower gift idea is to create one or more cash funds with a site like Honeyfund.  Best of all? There are no fees, and you can even link directly to your Venmo or PayPal accounts.

This way you can collect cash gifts from your loved ones to use towards anything you can dream – whether it’s your honeymoon, your wedding photographer, or even a down payment on your first home.


Yes!  Your bridal shower is definitely an occasion when your loved ones will want to share meaningful and useful gifts with you.  So let’s make their lives easy and fill them in on exactly what you want!

Online gift registries are incredibly easy to create, with sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart being popular starting points.

Once you’ve created your bridal shower gift wish list, it’s time to link that information to your wedding website for all of your guests to access.

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Once you chose your website, you can even select from matching Save the Dates, invitations, thank you cards, signs, seating charts, and stationary.

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free wedding websites

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