Maximizing Your Day at a Wedding Expo

Wedding fairs & bridal shows can be a recipe for instant OVERWHELM. 

In today’s all new episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast, we explore easy ways to maximize your experience at a wedding expo / bridal show.  Together, we’ll make a master game plan for getting the most out of your day, gathering exactly what you need, and tuning out the rest.

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Maximizing Your Day at a Wedding Expo | show dated 12.1.21

Would you volunteer to host a holiday party for 40 people and then rush out to the store with no shopping list and absolutely no menu planned?

No!  You’d sit down and make a menu, look up some recipes, and then make a detailed list of exactly what you need to buy.  Then you’d make a PLAN!

So why on earth would we run out to a wedding show with absolutely no game plan and just “see what happens”?

In this meeting, we’re going to take inventory of your priorities.  Then we’re going to make a list of your goals for the day so that you maximize your time spent and minimize the stress & overwhelm factor.

I recommend wedding fairs / bridal shows to every engaged couple.  I can’t think of a better place to gather inspiration in person, meet potential vendors face-to-face, and have a fun & productive wedding planning day.

VAULT members, your weekly bonus is a detailed outline of questions to ask potential vendors that you might not even have thought of … all designed to save you TIME AND MONEY! 

Download & print multiple copies to take along with you to the wedding fair.  This tool is guaranteed to keep your conversations on-point and organized, and make follow up a breeze.