Maximizing Your Day at a Wedding Fair / Bridal Expo

Wedding fairs & bridal shows can be a recipe for instant OVERWHELM. 

In today’s all new episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast, we explore easy ways to maximize your experience at a wedding expo / bridal show.  Together, we’ll make a master game plan for getting the most out of your day, gathering exactly what you need, and tuning out the rest.

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Maximizing Your Day at a Wedding Expo | show dated 5.8.24


Would you volunteer to host a party for 40 people and then rush out to the store with no menu planned & no shopping list?

No way!

You’d sit down and plan out what everyone was going to bring, make a menu of app’s & drinks, look up some recipes, and then make a detailed list of exactly what you need to buy.

So why on earth would you head out to a WEDDING FAIR / BRIDAL EXPO with absolutely no plan, and just “see what happens”?

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast we’re going to take inventory of your priorities, and make a list of your top goals for your day spent at the wedding fair.

This way you can MAXIMIZE your time spent with vendors and gathering inspiration, and minimize the stress & overwhelm factor of wandering through hundreds of booths full of noisy commotion.

After our time together today, when the 15th DJ asks you if you want to dance, and the 22nd wedding planner asks you to spin their “wheel o’ fun” …

… you can confidently smile, say no thanks, and keep walking.

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Cheers to you!


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