Wedding Planning Q&A | Let’s Talk Strategy!

This week on the Wedding Planning Podcast, cozy up and enjoy a sampling of unique wedding scenarios, questions, and curiosities, including:

  • Wedding “decision fatigue” and the priceless value of hindsight,
  • “Conversations with my fiance have been frustrating recently.  We can’t seem to agree on anything regarding our budget, guests, or priorities.  What are some ways we can get back on the same page and embrace compromise?”
  • Hiring a day of coordinator – what should we be looking for?  (Visit the episode dated 5/4/22, “Hiring Your Wedding Vendors” for lots more on this topic)
  • DIY flower recommendations – this is an item that’s not terribly high on our priority list, what are some of your top tips for doing our own flowers?
  • Help evaluating pros and cons of venues with more or less DIY
  • Is a videographer really worth it?  Any alternate ways to capture video?

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Wedding Planning Q&A | Let’s Talk Strategy, Episode dated 5.17.23


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