Bonus! Wedding Flower Q&A

This week, I have an inbox full of your wedding flower questions to share!

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BONUS!  Wedding Flower Q&A | Episode dated 4.3.24

I also put together a list of the top wedding flower mistakes that I see couples make, to further help guide you to “DIY wedding flower SUCCESS”.

Today we’re reviewing:

  • How much should 5 relatively simple bouquets cost?  I’m being quoted over $1200, which feels so ridiculous.
  • Visiting a flower farm to pick stems w/ my bridal party – how early should we pick & arrange them so that they are still fresh?
  • How much time should we allocate to making the bouquets & centerpieces in the day or two before the wedding?
  • Downsides to ordering flowers online?  Considering Costco but the prices seem too good to be true
  • We definitely want to do flower bouquets for me & bridesmaid and a simple flower on the guys’ jacket, but do you have any ideas for creative centerpieces that are more affordable than flowers?

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